"If you can't MacGyver it, you won't be able to Steve Jobs it. Let's get paperclips, glitter, and some construction paper!"

Future For Fun Projects

This is a list of ideas. Some will never happen, some will. Some will be odd concepts that really never take off, others may turn in to the next Skynet.

Each one has a symbol, being either "An Idea at 3 in the morning written here", "Blueprint Doodles Available", "A Concept" and "Barely Working".

The first step is just a note here, the second will lead to a page with rough drafts, notes and theme concepts, the second to a rough draft page and a prototype idea where some function is available, the last a somewhat working prototype will be linked

"The problem I have with portfolio's is that they only show the things you've already done, instead of the amazing stuff we are about to do."
"I am the best 'Fika'(Swedish word meaning 'coffee, cake and a chat') companion you've ever met. Cinnamon rolls are on me!"
"I like humans a lot, I get enthusiastic about stuff quickly and left to my own devices I may destroy furniture. So think of me as a Labrador that can draw"

I am a ...

Illustrator and Designer with a past experience with print publication, graphic design, interaction design and user experience/communications. I love collaborative work and interaction between technical and communication – riffing of each other and trying to do the amazing with the least amount of complexity possible.

FOSS/Open Source/Libre enthusiast and contributor mainly within the KDE community. Creator of the VDG – the graphics and design group within KDE and creator of the visual aesthetic of the Plasma 5 release of the Plasma Desktop Environment and print work for KDE via Blue Systems GmbH.

Massive nerd who’s illustrations are published by among others Eloso Förlag’s and Åskfågeln Förlag’s upcoming roleplaying games: Chock and Nyckelringsrollspelet, respectively..

Mellow Dude living with husband and cat in Gothenburg. A lover of nice walks and movie nights, coffee and scifi books, bike rides and slow summer sunday bike rides and lake swims

Past Clients Include: the Swedish Scouting Association, the Magazine Brand, Arbetaren, Forum Skill and Faktum as well as print work for the Public Library in Gothenburg and Federativs Publisher.